World Series Of Poker $1,500 Monster Stack Day Two

The World Series of Poker $ 1500 buy and monster stack day 2. We bagged, we tagged a paltry 14,000 chips. 14 blinds. I can definitely double that up and do a lot of work actually feels kind of good, not having a big stack. Expectations are low. I’M expected to lose so only good things can happen.

I was able to run up 10 blinds to 35 or so before, putting it off for a 500k pot in the Colossus make sure you watch that video. Let me know what you think of that. King 7. Call down, but today things don’t work out here we can go to the Aria 550 WPT 10 flight event and try our luck there.

Of course, there’s always the Rio Daly’s plenty of opportunities, and we are here to seize them. I’Ve put in the work I’ve put in the time. I felt the pain now it’s time to experience the maximum reward. Let’S get it. I was approached by a gentleman aged 40 to 60 Caucasian.

He says the plan on the website welcome with blinds at 500 1000. We get a few jams through we’re losing focal pots, but we’re back down to 14,000 chips under the gun. 7 handed. We have ace jack, so we shove all in action folds the small blind who happens to be Dan and hot second place in the main event. Last year he puts him to call he’s, got his covered button tanked previous to this and said he folded, ace Jack after our cards are revealed.

So I need some look and this is what happened with blinds at 600 1200 with a 200 ANSI action folds to us on the button. We have 27 thousand ships in East 9 suited, so I make it 2500. Hopefully the smaller big blind, 3 bet me very small, so I have room to jam.

The big blinds a seasoned pro 30 year old Caucasian male. He tanks looks at my stack and puts in the three bet to 8800. He has about a hundred thousand ships. The big blind folds, we have East nine of Spades. Do we jam it in?

Do we have fold equity? Do we have the best hand, or do we lay it down and wait for a better spot? These are the make-or-break moments and tournaments.

I go into the tank. He’S got a porn stash. It really tilts me for some reason. I want to jam it in, but I don’t think we’re doing very well versus his three budding range in this situation against this sizing.

So we lay it down. He later tells me he had a pair, so we were probably flipping with blinds at 800. 1600 200, I’m under the gun plus 2 with ace deuce of hearts 9,500 ships. So we make it 8,000 to go. Jackson on my left calls in the big blind calls.

Flop comes king 9, 8 action checks through turns a 5 big blind bets 3000 hi Cole Jackson, folds big blind, wanted to see a flop of the old 9 10 off and he hits the rivers 3 and we are out of 1500 monster stack a few hundred People short of the money not much went right today and we have some options. We could cry and go home, lick our wounds. We could reg the daily 250 deep stack at the Rio. We could late reg the 1500 bounty at the real. We could go to the Aria and play the 550 WPT flight 1 of 10, or we could go to the win and play the 550 one-day event talk to some friends and they suggested that the win is the best option. So I’m gon na go with what they think, because I really don’t know the grand simulator doesn’t direct me in any way.

So, let’s hope for the best run well and eventually win a tournament. It’S got to happen right. I’M already regretting my decision to leave the Rio, it’s 115 degrees out and the air conditioning is not working. I might be the stinky one at the wind today. Oh, the irony with blinds at 200 400 400 early position, lamps, I’m in middle position with ace king of clubs, make it 1500 senior citizen Caucasian male and the big blind puts in the three bet: 4500 off of a 15k stack action.

Folds to me not the best situation, but I’ve aced King suited, so I’m all-in with him having him covered by about five thousand. He doesn’t like it. He shakes his head and says alright puts in the call I show my ace king. He shows pocket kings and this is what happens: the blinds at 200 at 500 500, I’m in middle position with King nine of diamonds.

I make it 1,000. The button calls and the big blind calls. The flop comes ace Queen eight two hearts, one diamond action checks to me. I bet 1800 button, folds and big blind elderly Caucasian male check raises to 4,200. What’S he repping here earlier?

He for bet the flop, with ten seven on ten nine five. So he’s just really clicking buttons, just raisin shit, so we have position. The price is right.

Hopefully we can turn a straight draw or a flush draw and if he checks I’ll bet, if he bets I’ll, probably jam so we’re gon na earn this pot. The turn is the six of diamonds keep at 6500. He has 20,000 total, so we could call second nut flush draw or we could try to fold out all of his weak aces and possibly his heart draws that he’s barely so I shove all in having him covered by 5,000 and he puts in the call he Shows ace Jack of Diamonds and I’m drawing dead. Of course, I have to endure the post hand analysis with comments such as wow. You got it in drawing dead, that’s hard to do and the dealer’s saying ace Jack nice hand, sick, turn, bro, sorry for trying I’ll go back to ABC best hand poker. I might be the worst bluffer in the world.

I think it’s official just and that’s a that’s it gonna. Do it we bust a few hands later horrible choice, not playing their deep stack when I was next in line at the Rio and coming to the Wynn to play this event, and that’s just the butterfly of fact that his life not gon na re-enter, really tilted. Thanks for watching tell your friends about the vlog: if anybody has any job offers, I’m all ears I’m even available to move. If the job is good enough, hopefully I can work from home. I have experience in sales and other personality qualities.

So let me know in the comments below or email me at Jeff boesky youtube at Please let me escape this pain. That is tournament over.