The known rules of american football

In the NFL matches of American football, the game is divided into four quarters of fifteen minutes each. Two quarters make, half time and there is a break of twelve minutes between two halves. There is also a break of two minutes between two quarters that is between first and second quarters and then the third and fourth quarters. At the end of first and the third quarters the team having the ball will head for the start. The offensive team is penalized if they do not start the game within forty seconds from stop of the play.

The game stops as soon as the ball goes out of the boundary and the clock also stops at the improper pass resulting in foul by any team. The clock starts again as the ball is kicked from the boundary inwards by the offensive team. There are eleven players in ach team at any given time. Each team is divided into three groups. The group possessing the ball is termed as offence. The other group that defends the ball is known as Defense. The third group is that comes only during the kicking period that is field goals, punts and kick offs. You can Read more sports news coverage 24/7.

The history of the NFL dates back to the early twentieth century when it was found out that football required a professional organization for proper management of the game. It was due to this reason that a league was established. 

It was in the year 1925 that the NFL garnered huge support and witnessed the highest ever crowd which came down for the first time to watch a professional game of football. The first commissioner of the NFL was named in the year 1941 and in the year 1973, the NFL found out that it will have competition once again in the year 1973.

A major milestone in the NFL came in the year 1982 when the Super Bowl XVI was ranked as the most watched sporting event ever on television for consecutive ten years. The popularity of the NFL increased so much that it attracted something around 120, 000, 000 viewers. It also attracts many sports gamblers fanatics, who gets the rush of placing a wager on their favorites teams. you can do that at online casino, or any other popular sports site. This was all about the history of the NFL, which has gained a lot of popularity in the United States of America.