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Today, on Time for Toys, Gum Games, hi, I’m Jillian and I’m Addie of Babyteeth4 and welcome to time for toys today, we’re gon na show you three different gum games all made by double bubble and up instead, just like a normal gumball machine. Today, we’re going to be showing you the gum games. Now this one is really cool. This is the pinball. Where are you just pull that back now?

Okay, I’ll control, this okay and then and then once you hit the pink one really hard this turns around and then it won’t one comes out okay, so it’s really cool so we’re each gon na get ten balls and we’re gon na try to get size score And who gets the most gumballs go ahead, a d1 still on her first ball. Okay, that’s one ball! Go to! This is number three good that doesn’t count. There comes the gum ball.

That was five. Look. You there’s number six, there’s number seven! That does that countess appreciate this one’s 10. Okay, all right so on ten gumballs Eddie got 320 and looks like three gumballs alright, but you coulda gotten four, but that’s best part of the luck of the game. Alright, Jillian, you ready to try your 10, so we press the reset button.

So here I go. Okay, you ready yep. One okay is here yeah, weird way to hit the paddles. Please unconventional method.

Will that sound like a gumball nope? She got ripped off. That’S alright! I can happen: hey 3d hit him whore, okay, that doesn’t count em. Three, that’s a little good job.

It’S still three hold it steady good points, I’m hard! Oh ok! 4!

We read back here. Comes the gum ball still on number 4. Here, Wow hold it steady for him.

Okay, that’s 5! Coming! Oh seven, seven seven possible gum ball. Oh she got robbed twice. Let’S see! Oh eight, it is oh, no!

Nine! That’S gon na hurt! Okay! Oh ten, last one come on jelly, make it count there. We go I’m sorry, my battery died in the middle of Dillon’s game there, but she just finished it.

As you can see, she got 330. She just beat Adi by 10 points, but she only got two gumballs and Adi got three gumballs, so I’m gon na call. This a tie, you guys both did a good job, though especially Jillian. You had some nice long runs at the end there, even though you got a couple bad breaks, you had some nice long around and our scores were extremely close. Very close.

This is a pretty fun game. You guys like this one, the best yeah, let’s check out the other ones. Now we have something kind of like skee-ball, ed you’re awarded gum, so this little knob here you can turn this ramp up set up and down, and this is spring-loaded and when you push that that bow there and then what’s the gum, how do you get gum? You get like any score and it’ll give you like how much of it we can where’s the gum comes out there right or is it scores you just giggle it?

It comes out for anyways all right. Let’S go five shots, five good shots, each or five scores. Each you flip this. Like mr push, it comes up, okay, ready, go and that’s a ten sort of yeah.

I think uh because of the line. It’S a ten. Stick you like to eat.

Gumballs, okay, hit that straight down, no like yeah yeah and the ball doesn’t always want to go in there. There you go gumballs, go out there, there’s nothing! Just lambo up she already closed up. Can I ask your third shot right? Yeah, you remember the amount you put that that woman – that won’t matter another time. Thirty so far on three shots works a little tricky.

Rather, you want to do that’s. Okay, your fourth shot in another time, thirteen, nothing you’re! Getting, will be your last shot here.

Yeah. This parts tricky: it means something like a twenty already you’re gon na get really good. No try again. Okay, now look go in there, yeah, Oh in another, fifty! So if a D gets anything other than a ten, she should be the winner, but we’ll see.

Okay, ten, okay, I guess nothing doesn’t stores but yeah, let’s not worst part of the game. Another time this probably will be a tie yeah. So that’s twenty! So far, right, hey 89!

I got 1000. I have thousand all right. You still have two kicks left. I got a thousand okay. So far, no thousand thousand you mean 180 plus 20 is 100. Oh seriously shoot it.

Oh hey jumps into the. Can I do last one last one. I still know me: okay, what is it it’s not in there now wow, that’s good.

I guess Addie cracked, this game. She figured up wait what blue clips Co any tumbles? Oh yeah yeah! This is hard to open with. Let’S see how many gumballs come out, why no five six seven! Now this one just gives you a lot of gum.

How many gumballs Wow all right so he’s the undisputed winner there? Okay, so the last challenge or game we’re gon na do is double bubble. Slam dunk! So basically it’s like a little self-contained basketball game and it’s really cool. You might remember.

We did this last year. Actually, but it’s really cool you just go over there. The ball comes out. If it goes to the basket, if it gets it, if it doesn’t open happens, obviously so the way we’re gon na play. This is there’s 11 gumballs in each one and whoever empties theirs out. First wins and Daddy’s gon na say one two: three go right: okay, we ready.

Are you ready, Jillian one? Two three yep just beat her by a tiny bit. Alright, I wanted to rematch.

So we’re gon na play again. Okay, you guys both ready, yeah one, two three, that’s a Jim! I haven’t you I may have to check me.

I may have to check the potato just to see who won there. It’S a jammed one. That just means it went in sometimes they jam up inside the device. It’S out of place.

You good that may be a tie. Guys I’ll have to check the video in slow motion to see you actually won yeah. You can eat your gumbo, so that was gum games.

We found these at Toys R Us the larger games um, but the slam dunks. You can find those normally like novelty, candy stores and stuff they’re a little bit harder to find budget. This is your favorite who should be crowned the gum champion, lesson on comments, don’t forget to Like comment and subscribe and follow instagram for new pictures every day in case you’re, starting out your artwork sets tell me off for today, so remember, keep on playing by 23.