Gambling Trips to Las Vegas

Gambling trips to Las Vegas can be lots of fun for many people and their families. Some people plan their trips ahead of time to ensure that their travel, food, and lodging needs are taken care of. For those people who have the habit of suddenly traveling to the strip, this may spell problems.

Although casinos are regarded as friendly and accommodating establishments, there are times wherein they cannot house travelers due to a full house occupancy or event. This leaves the traveler in a quandary as where to go to stay for the night.

Others may opt to stay at cheap, rundown motels around the less respectful side of the strip but there is another area where travelers may stay and it is very close to the famous hotels and casinos along the strip. It is the parking lots in the area.

Many people who journey to Las Vegas in the hopes of hitting it big but do not somehow end up in parking lots of the casinos trying to sleep or get over last nights party or intense gambling experience.

Although this option is not mentioned in the travel brochures or travel packages of tour operators, it is a valuable piece of information that desperate people may want to know about before hand.

Some of the famous parking areas near casinos have a “camper area” which similar to that of a trailer park. The camper area normally charges a premium rate for trailers that roll in for long term stay. The rates normally go down when the space is pre-booked and can have special rates when a large group would want to avail of the area.

For those who are really down on their luck and really need a safe place to stay for the night, some bus terminals owned by tour operators have small lounge that can be availed by passengers who booked their journey through them There is the complementary free coffee, perhaps a sandwich or pastry but more importantly, a small area where to sit and pass away the time.

Tout companies that ply the Las Vegas and Atlantic City route are aware that some travellers might need assistance in going back home and have arranged for “pickup” services as part of their package. This service enables the traveler to call a person who can place payment for their trip home in case money runs out.

Some of these areas are also known as “dump” stations or lounge stations. Players who are intent on playing til they drop are advised to check out these places first before heading off into the casino.