Casino Bonuses Explained

Do you find the way casino bonuses work confusing? All these Dollar signs flashing with promises of free money? Well hopefully we can help you decipher the mystery. Every casino bonus has a set of rules that you must understand not to be disappointed. What is more, you might think you are getting the best deal because of the percentage bonus offered, only to find that you actually get very little with a smaller deposit. Read further to understand how to figure out the best bonus, we’ll use some examples to show you how to choose.

Types of Casino Bonuses

There are generally four kinds of casino bonuses:

  • No deposit, or free cash bonuses
  • Sign-up, first deposit or “match bonuses”
  • Re deposit or ongoing bonuses and
  • Bonuses for the deposit mechanism used (e.g. Neteller deposits).

Let’s deal with each of these.

Free Cash Bonuses

These bonuses are pretty straight forward. You can sign up, download the casino, and wager the amount of the free bonus. However, here’s the catch: either the casino will limit the amount you can cash out until you have made a deposit, or you will have to wager the bonus 10 times.

In any case, if you are new to casino gambling, its worth you taking up one of these bonuses to try things out. Who know, you may even get lucky along the way!

First Deposit Bonuses

These get a little more tricky. You’ll find two kinds of deposit bonuses. straight cash, or percentage bonus.

A good example of a straight cash bonus can be found at All Slots Casino. They will give you $100 free credits for the first $25 you deposit. Be careful, is only valid for the first $25 after which you qualify for other bonuses (e.g. re deposit).

An example of a percentage bonus can be found at Golden Riviera Casino, who gives you a 200% bonus on your first deposit to a maximum of $100. So, if you deposit $50 you will receive $100 bonus. Once you cash out, the $100 bonus amount is deducted from and you will only receive that balance. In simple terms, this bonus allows you to make money using “free credits”. If your balance is less than the amount of the bonus you received, you will be unable to make a withdrawal.

The bottom line – always read the bonus terms and conditions.

Ongoing Bonuses

There are a wide variety of re deposit bonuses. Casinos use these to incentives heir players to stay with them. Many casinos determine the size of such bonuses based on the players loyalty status. Generally he terms around these bonuses are the same as with first deposit bonuses, however in some cases they require you to wager the deposit amount though the system a number of times. For example, if you received a $50 bonus, some casinos will require you to wager this amount times 10, i.e. $500 worth of wagers placed (this of source assumes you are winning along the line!). You’ll find some good ongoing bonuses at Casinoslots SA.

Special Bonuses, e.g. deposit Mechanism

Again, there are a variety of these types of bonuses the two most common are deposit mechanism bonuses, and special event bonuses.

A deposit mechanisms bonus gives you an extra percentage for using a preferred payment mechanism. The most common one is Neteller and some casinos offer up to 20% extra when you use Neteller. The rules for this kind of bonus are very similar to first deposit bonuses.

A special event bonus can take on many forms. For instance, some casinos will give you an extra bonus if you wager a certain amount on a specific game. New York Casino is a good example, they’ll give you 300 free if you wager $25 000 in total on blackjack. There are too many other examples to mention here.

Some casinos like Grand Online Casino (one of my favorites) offer many surprise bonuses. They will randomly select a number of players every week and offer them lucrative bonuses if they deposit. Again, the same kind of rules as above apply.